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tv   The Five  FOX News  October 3, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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elected governor of massachusetts, or republican in the state, where democrats dominate. that was then. romney no doubt hoping lightning strikes twice. beginning tonight. at fbn, we are on it. be there. guest hello, everyone i'm the point-sized persuadeer. joining me she's so hot she is measured in kel vin. kimberly guilfoyle. took his licks in politics, bob beckel. the count of coppertone, eric bolling. she owns a time share in candyland. it's dana perino. joining us on location in denver, the hellion andrea tantaros. it's 5 ver 5:00 in new york cit. 3:00 a.m. in bill o'reilly's fort made of neckties. this is "the five." ♪ ♪ >> greg: so tonight is not a debate. it's a job interview. two guys auditioning to work for you. who do you want? cool guy with a past. or mormon goodie two-shoes who
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succeeded in everything he's done. the guy who already has the job, keeps blaming some dude who came before him. in an odd interview ploy, i think. but i feel for method. which obama is going to show up. mitt has to prepare for two. is it the obama who channels kathleen turner channeling molly ivans or worse, the boring obama? i predict boring. yep. you going to get the make no mistakes, let me be clear and platitudes about hard-working families. yep, republicans don't care about the poor. or the poor's children or future of the poor's children. they also eat babies. obama truly is the drone president. the real variable is time. will jim lerher prevent the empty walk-about? mitt needs to hit hard. benghazi, bam. high unemployment, you kill a pipeline, bam. greece crumbles under entitlement, and you bloat government more? bam. all you need is facts.
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after that, obama probably shake his head. think of clooney. clooney will think of him. eva will want to cradle him. matt damon will sleek naked at the moon. yes, obama seeks sympathy. along with a hand sheikh. box for his things. maybe two. there is the nobel peace prize. we have andrea in denver, colorado, which is a state, i believe. there you are. >> andrea: the 57t 57th. >> greg: it is. in my mind, the focus has to be on libya, but this is all about domestic issues. are they going to change the format so we address the most important topic of the week or month or year? >> andrea: greg, unfortunately, i don't think so. if you look at the format now, it's all on the economy. if i were jim lerher i'd have more flexibility. it's dominating the headlines finally. if i'm romney, i'd bring it up
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in an answer. why? the economic security is tied to the national security. he has an opportunity, i think, to slip it in. question is, will he? >> greg: yes. will he slip it in? i'm not sure -- >> andrea: greg, i have to tell you something, greg. you know, i have been away from you guys for less than 24 hours but i had a dream about you guys last night. >> greg: really? i need to know now. >> andrea: yes. eric bolling was giving danad nutritional advice and you and i went furniture shopping. weird. google fresh i can. i don't know how to hand -- >> greg: freaky. i don't know how to handal that. >> dana: it could be the rarefied air. i'm curious if you walked down the hall to gymnasium, when i was on the university of denver gymnastic team. i think they showcased themselves well so far. >> greg: way to drop in your background as a gymnast. stop it! >> dana: anything. >> andrea: i haven't seen your shots yet.
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it haven't seen the pictures. >> greg: i want to ask kimberly, even keeps saying what does romney have to do, what does he have to accomplish. no one asks what does obama have to do the accomplish? he is in trouble. >> andrea: why doesn't he try to answer a question with specifics what about he is going to do to get us out of the mess, instead of blaming the predecessor. everybody know knows he is thin skinned. challenge what obama has done, pin him to the economy. this is obama's economy. no one else. that is going to work. especially with the platform they have set up. >> greg: bob? >> eric: >> bob: well, i think it's the opposite. people absurd that obama is on top of a bad economy. he has taken the licks for that. the guy, as greg said, this is a job interview. are you willing to replace the president with mitt romney?
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answer a ke about your policy. mine don't work, fine. what about yours? what are the specifically the tax deductions you will take away from rich people? i don't think he will answer the question. >> andrea: romney cannot play it safe. if he plays it safe, forget the next debate. >> eric: romney has to play it safe. there are five topics. the first three are the economy, the economy, the economy. great news for mitt romney. lay it out. >> bob: what would it be? >> eric: lower, across the board, 20% tax cuts across the board. closing loopholes. lay it out. turn to president obama. if he has a chance to say we know yours don't work. look at what is going on. household incomes are down $4,500 per household. net worth down 30%. gasoline prices doubled. i'd do it for three blocks.
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>> bob: you think romney ought to lay out what the deductions are? >> dana: no. >> eric: you know, well, whatever. sure, why not, why not say here, we'll post loopholes on xyz. that's fine. it won't hurt. >> greg: we end up talking about loopholes all the time. mitt will lose. there are huge issues here. i go back to benghazi. you go to high unemployment. there is serious -- >> dana: if you are going to talk about the economy, then certainly there will be a question tonight about the entitlement program. most importantly social security and medicare. if you talk about the specifics, why not then however romney is going to answer it, ask president obama. you have this opportunity, goals. your campaign advisor last week, axelrod said you don't need a specific plan on social security. to turn it that way. one thing that is effective for romney to do, say to the american people, i will not --
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if i'm fortunate enough to be elected to be your president, i will not spend four years blaming this guy. i will focus on getting solutions done. that's more effective than worrying about this or that tax cut. in january, whatever the tax economy is, if you become president, that's when you decide what the tax closures will be. >> bob: good idea what you said, to say that. but he still has to say when he said on the trail -- by the way, obama should say your own vice president candidate voted against simpson-bow-bowles. leaving that aside, can you tell us what loopholes you are going to cut that won't affect the middle class? he can't. >> eric: you know what else president obama can't do is talk about which entitlement he will cut to bring the deficit down which he promised four years ago.
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>> andrea: i don't think president obama has a leg to stand on when it comes to entitlements. in the last four years he created a giant new entitlement that will put the onerous taxes on the middle class. i think he has to keep president obama on defense all night. i've talked to a lot of people and they say the entire debate is about romney. romney needs to play to win. while president obama needs to play not to lose. as long as he can keep him on defense, which he can. the facts are on romney's side. i talked to a senior advisor and just saw the candidate, he is calm and in great spirits ready to go. >> bob: that is what they always say before debates. if you abandon your own vice president medicare proposals? >> dana: they answered that. >> bob: how so? >> andrea: i don't think he
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will let himself get trapped in the details, bob. he will take it to the president. the facts are on his side. all he has to do is bring up the promises that president obama made. all the promises that he hasn't kept. boston you want to be president, you have to come up with details, too. >> what about skating through on promising to bring down the deficit? he hasn't. he incressed by $45 trillion. what about promising to bring down unemployment? president obama will spend 90 minutes tonight from 9:00 to 10:55 or whatever time talking about how -- >> you are in the crowd that romney is going to get the job without saying anything? you think romney can get the job without saying anything? >> dana: where do you get he hasn't said anything? >> bob: tell me what he said about medicare. >> dana: i am not a spokesperson for romney come pain. i read the 59-point plan which is darned detail you made fun of before.
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>> bob: it's laughable. >> dana: you can is not say he doesn't have a plan. it sounds so hollow. >> bob: what do you say it's not true? you have to lay it out. >> kimberly: you are making statements that are inaccurate. you may disagree with it or disapprove, your right, but the american people should decide whether or not they think he can do a better job. >> bob: you know something i don't know. tell me what is the plan? >> eric: who cares -- >> kimberly: why do i care about the liberals? why are you caring about the liberals? >> bob: you said he has a plan. i don't know it. >> kimberly: he doesn't worry about the specific loopholes. he has an overall picture, that does not increase taxes on the middle class. to encourage people to invest
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in the economy. >> eric: can we not let bob hijack the segnt and talk about what mitt romney has to do? romney doesn't have to do anything. president obama has to tell us why he earned four more years. he failed on everything on the economy. i disagree with everyone here. i don't think it's romney's to win. he has to win tonight. >> bob: so you want to give a guy a job you don't know anything about. >> kimberly: we gave somebody a job four years ago we didn't know anything about. >> andrea: on medicare, romney has the easiest answer in the world. president obama and democrats gutted half a trillion dollars. it's done. law of the land. >> bob: what are you goin you gg to do down there? >> andrea: he is a fixer. all he has to do is -- all the plans, bob, you haven't had
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the time to read or take time to read. i have one more thought. thank god you are not monitoring the debate. >> bob: if you read it through, tell me what his medicare plan is? >> kimberly: we don't have an hour-and-a-half. >> bob: romney skate in, just fine. >> greg: nobody is going to get my famous banana bread if we keep up with this attitude. andrea is back later for more coverage of the debate. up next, more on the tape of president obama that media is trying to bury since 2007. also eric got his hands on another video of the president from 2002 that will blow your mind. if you leave now, i'll report you to the authorities and have you detained on a parole violation. ♪ ♪
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>> eric: so much is made about the daily caller video of president obama in 2007 that hannity broke last night. left saying there is nothing new there. the right saying listen to the anger and the accusations in the man. but you're not going to believe what i found today doing homework. thereon president obama call out racial bias in the way we help disaster victims. >> when 9/11 happened in new york city, they waived the stafford act. saying this is too serious a problem we can't expect new
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york city to rebuild on its own. forget that dollar you got to put in. here is $10. that was the right thing to do. hurricane andrew struck. we don't expect you to come up with your own stuff. here is the money to rebuild. we don't expect you to scratch it together. you're part of the american family. what is happening down in new orleans? where is your dollar? where is your stafford act money? tells me that the people in new orleans don't care about it much. >> eric: he delivered the accusations on june 5, 2007, when he failed to tell us is the stafford act was waived for new orleans ten days prior to the speech. the worst part, that senator, senator obama was one of 14
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senators who voted against waiving the act and delivering the funds to new orleans. folks, i try to give the man the benefit of the doubt but he is playing racial politics and accusing the government of caring more about white people than black people. but the facts are exactly the opposite. bob you're laughing. >> bob: you have never given him the benefit of the doubt. are you kitting me? >> eric: hr-1226. there were 80 senators that voted yea to release the money. 14 noted nay. democrat from sils the same one. >> eric: he was saying done release -- ten days later goes on that podium to say where is your stafford money? >> bob: given monumental mismanagement in katrina by fema during that, there was no stafford money down there the day he said that. no stafford money.
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>> eric: bob beckel, don't get in that boat. that boat is sinking in front of your eyes. right there said where is your stafford money going? knowing very well, stafford moy was approved ten days prior. he voted against it. kimberly, jump in. >> kimberly: this is new title, pand derer in chief, whoever he is in front of, he will morph and become a chameleon. he is sounding like a minister from the south. now he sounds more like bill clinton. he can get up there and say something like that knowing full well his vote was not in support of those people. this shows you, people will say is this the real obama or is he playing a role now as commanderrer in chief? >> greg: two points. they had mother jones discus discussing this. when the story about the
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haircut incident or bain capital comes up, they never say it came from a liberal blog or outlet. but this is coming up from the conservative areas because you didn't do your damn job. this is another point. this isn't a conservative nightmare. a liberal dream fulfillment. if you ask any of the obama supporters, they want the old obama. they want the fiery obama. to them, the modern obama is van halen with sammy maggar. they want van halen with roth. when he gets re-elected we'll see the old obama, fiery obama. they should be happy to see this. >> eric: this begs the question forget about the money, the man could stand on the podium and do that, point the finger and say where is your stafford money, knowing very well stafford money is on its way, anyway, where is you yours.
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what is he going to tell the american people? is he going to say -- forget the last four years knowing very well, the last four years are on his watch. >> dana: this video reminded me of things we've seen before. long way from hope and change. i don't think it will matter. the president of the united states. the questions are as andrea pointed out, 8.1% unemploymen unemployment. government increase increase under his watch. you could name any promise but you can't find one that he fulfilled. it could give some people pause. maybe he did want something else or didn't know what he was voting for. he was divisive. i nev thought in 2012 the country would feel divided than it did in 2008. >> kimberly: it does. >> dana: it does. >> bob: he said they got the
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stafford money. there are people on the roof of their houses. >> eric: don't get in this. >> dana: may of 2007? what the heck are you talking about. katrina happened in 2005. this is the second weigh of money. >> kimberly: nobody was on the roof. in august -- [ overtalk ] >> eric: can we go on? we have to get this. we teased this piece of video from 2002. president obama class warfare, warrior, take a listen from 2002. >> eric: we don't have a lot of time. >> kimberly: you see the hostility. he is very good at class warfare and the blame game. that is who he is. what he believes. that's why people that are supportive of him that are
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liberals are hoping and expecting once he gets re-elected it's going to be obama unchecked. we'll see unveiling the real guy. >> greg: i look at this in a colder way. he's a careerist and he sees an opportunity to excel and so he adopts and assimilates ideology. now when he is in the quarters of power he looks back at this, i had to do that. i'm not like that anymore. c'mon, guys. everybody has to do something. >> bob: name me a president who has not played to their audience? >> eric: that was 2002. >> bob: it doesn't matter. any politician who -- >> bob: this is a -- >> greg: this is something we all discuss. class warfare. the guy doesn't, you know, has a problem with people who are wealthy, not sharing it with everybody else. >> eric: got to go. coming up, what does
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congressman allen west think of president obama? >> born and raised in georgia, i'm sr. surprised at the incredible southern accent with the president born in hawaii and in chicago. that is interesting to me. >> eric: you hear from the colonel, career admiral when we come back. ♪ ♪ [ "human" by the human league playing ] humans. we mean well, but we're imperfect creatures living in a beautifully imperfect world. it's amazing we've made it this far. maybe it's because when one of us messes up, someone else comes along to help out.
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i have to give a special shout out to my pastor, reverend wright. where's he at? there he is. that's him. >> bob: that is what the republicans have been chomping at the bit. for the 2007 tape of president obama. here is an expert, florida congressman allen west on greta last night. >> having been born and raised in georgia i'm surprised at the incredible southern accent that the president who was born in hawaii and grew up in chicago was able to command. that is very interesting to me. i do think that there is a ting of racially motivated comments he is making there. when you start to compare new orleans to september 11 in new york and also the hurricane andrew, you are trying to play on people's worst fears and emotions. sense of separation. bost why did we have allen --
5:29 pm
>> bob: why did we have allen west comment on this? what do you think? why colonel west? >> greg: allen west versus barack obama would be a dream debate. >> eric: it would be incredible. who would you prefer? i don't know why they had allen west, who do you prefer to comment? >> bob: somebody who knew something about what they were talking about. >> eric: what are you talking about? >> bob: reverend wright. >> kimberly: we're talking about the video. >> eric: video showing a different -- president obama in that crowd, wherever he was, in virginia, he talks a certain way to his audience. not necessarily tying anything to reality. just talks to the audience. pointing out that dialect changes sometimes, accusations change. >> bob: the dialect? is this new? talk to your constituency? >> kimberly: c'mon. you make so many excuses and you're so afraid to say the obvious.
5:30 pm
c'mon. how all of a sudden did he sound like a southern minister? >> bob: it's not just liberals. 20% liberals, he has 50% of the vote. come from somewhere. >> greg: allen west joined the military to make a life for himself. obama joined politics to make a name for himself. that's what makes them interesting. it would be a great symposium to take black conservative and racial politics to see if they could help solve a racial divide; whereas, white liberals for 40 years poisoned it. >> dana: exacerbated it. >> greg: maybe something good could come out of this. >> kimberly: i didn't know if you were born in hawaii you'd have an accent. >> dana: the news is colonel west thinks he is born in hawaii. >> bob: there is no news here. i mean, i don't know where this is going. >> dana: the segment or the -- >> bob: the segment. >> greg: you just don't like --
5:31 pm
>> bob: i know where it's going. you have want to get reverend wright back in for the eighth year in a row. >> dana: it's interesting. remember later on, they did, president obama did distance himself from jeremiah wright. barely knew him. then he was giving him accolades in speech in front of everybody. if you are uneasy about president obama, this supports that and if you're on the fence maybe it makes you nervous. >> bob: this speech was given after he disowned reverend wright? oh, before. so what is wrong with that? >> eric: he had a look back and said i didn't -- i sat in pew for 20 years. it didn't listen. if you listen to what he said in the speech, friend, great educator, learned a lot. listened to my wife. listen to my wife complain about me. >> bob: has he said g.d. america at that point, do you know? >> eric: reverend wright?
5:32 pm
yeah. >> bob: said it by that time? >> eric: 2001. >> bob: are you sure? >> eric: i think, i'm pretty sure he was wit buddies with farrakhan at that point. >> bob: i don't think a single information that he saw farrakhan. let alone was buddies. but then again he was a friend of every terrorist bomber in 1960. >> greg: bill ayers. >> i'm not talking about -- >> greg: you don't need to be friends to make at it problem. >> i'm talking about reverend wright and louis farrakhan. >> bob: what does it have to do with president obama? >> eric: you asked if reverend wright used g.d. america line yet. he was probably friends with farrakhan by that time. >> bob: coming up, former vice president dick cheney says the obama administration is over its head over the terror attack in libya. you'll hear from him next on "the five." ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] you are a business pro.
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i'm bret baier in the debate hall at the daniel l. richie center. the big story today is the countdown to the first presidential debate of the campaign season. tonight on "special report," updates from each camp on what we can expect to hear tonight. each camp responds to the stories of the day as well. mitt romney spent the day relaxing with his family.
5:37 pm
both candidates walked through the hall here. president obama finished his walk-through a few moments ago. we have extended interview with romney advisor robert gibbs and romney advisor. we look at the controversy over the administration disregard of a law that requires layoff notices for defense contractors because of impending budget cuts. new details on who was behind last month deadly attack on the u.s. mission in libya and how organized it was. wait until you hear what was found today. "special report" from denver here in the debate hall starts at 6:00 eastern. now have back to new york and my colleagues with "the five." ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> dana: today, secretary of state hillary clinton penalled to work with congress on the libya terror investigation. lawmakers want to know if the
5:38 pm
white house ignore requests for additional security from our consulate in months before, four americans were murdered three weeks ago. dick cheney thinks there was a coverup. >> this whole episode benghazi demonstrates that they don't have a handle on foreign policy. and national security matters. yet, it is going to get messier and messier. in fact, it looks like you know the administration has been involved in a coverup. claiming it was all caused by this youtube video. when, in fact, it was clearly result of the development with request to al-qaeda and terrorism in africa. >> dana: news reports show that the intel community knew it was al-qaeda related in 24 hours. there was other news today.
5:39 pm
this was on the front page of the "new york times." that the u.s. tracking the killers in the attack on the libya mission. how does it get announced? >> kimberly: they are trying to get political cover to make up for this. this is abysmal failure on the part of the obama administration. an the state department. his state department. repeated requests for made for security to have security of the embassy and consulate. they have blood on their hands. you will end up with dead americaning. good job. >> bob: you were a prosecutor. evidence of facts, name me the evidence and facts. >> bob: these are the intelligence reports. >> kimberly: i want -->> -- do
5:40 pm
you read fox news wires and intelligence report from morgan harrington not one of which have been disproved, all of which are confirmed? do you read that? >> bob: jurisprudence -- >> dana: this is not just from catherine herridge who has broken a lot of this. cbs, reuters, "new york times." >> kimberly: main stream media even. liberal media. >> bob: can you take it to court and get conviction? >> kimberly: you're saying don't thereon what they say? disbelieve them because it's convenience of truth to get obama re-elected? >> bob: there is a lot of explaining to be done but there needs to be evidence. the idea to take dick cheney as an expert in to this who had the biggest coverup in iraq. >> dana: what is a better idea is let's take bob beckel's word for it. >> bob: i'm not asking you to take my word. >> dana: you attack the former vice president when
5:41 pm
he's saying what everybody else has been saying. >> kimberly: he's well respected nationally. they knew not to do anything on the watch of bush-cheney. now they think we're bunch of children saying please don't attack us. it's a joke. >> dana: a week from today the first hearing was going to be held in congress. intel committee could hear more and i think the secretary of state is right to cooperat cooperate. >> eric: catherine herridge deserves the pulitzer prize for what she uncovered. as the hearings go, the people won't raise their right hand in front of congress and lie. the senate is calling one in november as well. with will find out more. you are saying the litmus test should be what flies in court? i'm sure when president obama has kill list and flies a drone over, i'm for.
5:42 pm
>> above z >> bob: if facts are they ask for extra security in benghazi there would be e-mails or documents that say that. >> eric: they have 12 requests. >> dana: the intel community is saying back off. get greg in here, because he hasn't said one word. do you think they next they will get the answer to the question you have been posing? >> greg: i deserve a pulitzer prize. the question is why did president obama believe the video at fault for the unruly mob without any sourcing what so ever. why are they cooking soup in toaster? if you ask them to look up "inept" in a dictionary they couldn't. >> bob: the that is funny.
5:43 pm
if someone says there are 12 piece of evidence in security. >> eric: the reports are they request 12 different times requested -- >> kimberly: separate occasions they requested and it was denied. >> bob: requested it and who -- >> kimberly: get hooked on phonics. we said it over and over again. >> bob: you said sources. >> eric: can we do this? can we do this? >> kimberly: from the embassy and consulate and they were there to get security. >> eric: when the sources are known will you apologize? >> bob: i certainly will. >> dana: we need to move the most bizarre "the five" show along. coming up, what is the one question that "the five" would like to hear jim lerher ask obama and romney in the debate? plus, we will go to denver where andrea is waiting the big showdown. back in a moment. ♪ ♪
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>> kimberly: welcome back to "the five." we have andrea, bring her in, she is in denver for the big debate. what do you see out there? what is going on? >> andrea: hey, k.g. beautiful day in denver. i have to say the excitement is building inside the university as we get closer to the debate. serve here. i ran in marco rubio and waserman schultz. this is behind me, the spin room. this is where the campaign surrogates will be spinning
5:48 pm
after the debate. you can see every major media outlet is here. we hit the budweiser tent. no beer, just chili. we have been talking to people on the ground. brit hume had an interesting point. the reason this is interesting because it's the first. it will sway voters who haven't made up their minds but the first time we'll see the two men on the stage together. so the appearances matter. romney looks like the president. he has to convince voter he is can do a better job than the current one. >> greg: that is not true. they were a high school rendition of "pippen." the spin rooms are interes interesting. >> bob: they have the
5:49 pm
surrogates and you can tell that the big crowd is around. you find a poor person with a sign in a corner. >> kimberly: i done know what that was. >> bob: a sign. i was trying to offer a little bit of flavor >> kimberly: ruin my segment again. we'll talk about -- this is what we're dealing with. what is one question you'd like jim lerher to ask to get the debate going. andrea think of yours. we'll come back to you. >> eric: president obama what is your single biggest success in the economy so far?
5:50 pm
>> dana: i'd -- i will -- this is domestic policy in your 2006 senate race, mr. president, called for legalization of marijuana an amnesty for illegal aliens. do you still have the views? >> greg: how do your views to american exceptionalism changed since you became president? have we shrunk enough as a country to your specification? >> bob: you wait a long time for that question. governor romney you said you would decrease the deficit and increase military spending and cut the taxes by 20%. protect military and social security and close loopholes on the wealthy americans. can you tell us otherwise you will end up with $40 trillion
5:51 pm
deficit, which tax loopholes will you close? >> kimberly: playing the role of mitt romney, eric bolling. >> eric: when you lower taxes and let people keep more of their money you bring growth back. >> bob: we have seen that work. >> kimberly: he won the debate. that easy. andrea what is your question? >> andrea: bill clinton spoke at the convention and he seemed to help barack obama. i am going to bring up bill clinton. president obama, when bill clinton left office he balanced the budget, cut social programs the unemployment number was low. urn your watch, the opposite happened. we have seen the budget been busted. so how are you like bill clinton? that is a tough question for him to answer. if it's me, i ask him, listen, i release my taxes. you have yet to release academic records, the white house records, see what he
5:52 pm
says. that would be tougher to answer. >> bob: for eight years we were all in a coma. curious. >> kimberly: bob is out of order. we're bring you back in "e" block. >> bob: clinton to obama. >> kimberly: guess what? one more thing is next. ♪ ♪ mike rowe here at a ford dealer with a little q&a for fiona.
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>> greg: forgot to say goodbye to andrea tantaros. i think that was rude. goodbye, andrea. time for one more thing i'm going first with my banned word. "hurtful." it usualry prefaces the word like "words." there were hurtful words. no such thing as hurtle words. i'd rather get bit by a word than empty bot which will is why i don't drink with dana. speaking of. >> dana: you'll love this one. the "wall street journal," if you go on the site a you're a political junkie, they have a great new interactive map. where you can go on it and the election map and you can choose what you think colorado will go red or blue. you can find out all the economic indicators how they voted the past three presidential elections. then you can tweet and share that with everybody else. see what your results are on.
5:57 pm
>> greg: wow! >> dana: love it. >> greg: fantastic. >> bob: great idea. >> dana: i want bob to do it. >> bob: i think it's a great idea. >> dana: one of the best things i've seen. >> greg: eric? >> eric: couple of anniversaries. one happy and one not so happy. obama 20-year anniversary, with michelle obama, i think it's today. also the 19-year anniversary of dark day, memorialized by the movie "black hawk down." >> three guys with rpgs coming up on your side now. >> going down. >> we have a black hawk down. >> eric: we lost 19 heroes, 18 or 19 heroes and it was 19 years ago. >> greg: k.g. >> kimberly: mine is viewer from wisconsin who wrote in -- why are you making a face already? >> greg: i saw this.
5:58 pm
>> kimberly: you know what? maybe somebody else didn't. >> greg: i don't know. talk about bullyingism get it. go ahead. >> kimberly: fine, thanks. since greg destroyed my one more thing. >> to the person who wrote me that letter, do you think i don't know that, that your cruel words are pointing out something i don't see? you don't know me. you are not a friend of mine. you are not a part of my family. you admitted you don't watch the show. so you know nothing about me but what you see on the outside. >> kimberly: take that. >> greg: what was she talking about? >> kimberly: she was getting bullied by a viewer who wrote in to make a personal attack. >> greg: imagine if we did that on the show. >> bob: she was overweight? >> greg: if we responded to everybody who wrote about the weight or the looks. >> dana: or height. >> greg: i get attacked by my height by you. >> kimberly: you attack her. >> bob: weight, i'd be writing for the decades. >> kimberly: she deresponded to it. her -- she responded to it and her husband works at the
5:59 pm
station. >> greg: you didn't write it, did you? >> kimberly: no. posted comment on the facebook page to say made him sick. sticking up her his wife. >> greg: bullying is wrong. it's hurtful. >> bob: the debate tonight is the most critical thing that has happened to the entire election campaign. greg is bored with it. >> greg: what are you talking about? i'm excited. you're coming over. >> bob: this is more interesting than a 7-year-old barack obama tape. or a 10-year-old obama tape. watch this. this one will matter as opposed to tapes. >> eric: that was a 5-year-old tape and he was senator barack obama at the time. >> bob: you said it was 2002. >> kimberly: he won't release those records either when he was a senator. >> bob: i'm being bullied. >> greg: yes, you are. that's it -- stop it. that's enough. all right. please stay f


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